The Struggle

If you have any of the following symptoms that have lasted more than a few consecutive weeks, you may be struggling with Anxiety:

  • Excessive worry or fear

  • Not wanting to do things you would normally do

  • Apprehension with daily activities

  • Feeling “Stressed Out”

  • Your quality of life has decreased due to any of the above

The Solution

After taking the mini course on Anxiety, you will have the following:

  • A better understanding of the cause

  • What you and your doctor need to do to make sure what you are experiencing is not for another medical reason

  • Understand the RecoverMe treatment of Anxiety including: Lifestyle, Movement and Exercise, Eating patterns, Supplement suggestions, and Sleep

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Part I: Potential Causes of Anxiety and Current Standard of Care
    • Part II: Organic Causes of Anxiety
    • Part III: RecoverMe Treatment Approaches—Lifestyle and Exercise
    • Part IV: RecoverMe Treatment Approaches—Diet
    • Part V: RecoverMe Treatment Approaches—Sleep and Supplements
  • 2
    Course Guide
    • RecoverMe—Anxiety Course Guide